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How to Wakeboard – Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners

Some of the most enjoyable sports are those played in the water.  Consider the hours of fun in the water that await those who invest in what they need to begin wakeboarding.  Those who play this sport often live on the exciting adrenalin rush that accompanies the accomplishment of a new trick.  As a beginner, however, it might be a while before you are flipping over backwards in the air behind the boat, but you must start somewhere.  That is why you should utilize these wakeboarding tips to give you the confidence you need to learn how to wakeboard for the first time.


It is important for you to find out which of your feet is dominant so you know how to hold your stance.  Stand on solid ground and have one of your friends push you from behind.  Whichever foot moves forward to catch your balance is your dominant foot and should be in the frontward position when standing on your wakeboard.  When you are first pulled up out of the water, try to distribute your weight evenly between your feet and when you are fully out of the water, shift to about 60% of your weight being on your front foot, all while in a squatting position.  Never attempt to come up at full speed as a beginner or you will lose your balance.


If you have less gumption to get out there for the first time, or you have sustained injuries and need a break from the water, the next of the wakeboarding tips is to take a look at wakeboarding DVDs.  These show you great footage of professionals to give you the motivation you need as well as offering useful advice to beginners like you.  In order to not taint your first wakeboarding experience with painful injuries, you will want to take a look at these kinds of DVDs or few other people wakeboarding before you strap yourself on your board.  Seeing how you should hold your body in varying situations will be very beneficial for you when learning how to wakeboard.


The last of the wakeboarding tips is to learn how to wakeboard by signing up for formal training classes.  If you do not want to spend the time or the money on classes, perhaps you can learn a great deal from your experienced wakeboarding friends.  Whatever the case may be, you will only learn what you really need by getting out there and trying it yourself.

Contributing Author: Jimmy James

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